Baby Shower June 23, 2007
The forcast called for rain. I was so happy when we could all be outside.

IMG_2747 33 Weeks 4 days DSCN3907 (Medium) Baby shower Paul asks DSCN3888 (Medium) DSCN3891 (Medium) About 40 people showed up. DSCN3906 (Medium) The quilt is perfect!! DSCN3866 (Medium) Diaper Cake from my mom. DSCN3872 (Medium) Cake that my sister brought IMG_2761 (Medium) IMG_2759 (Medium) Grandmas!! IMG_2753 (Medium) Food from my wonderful coworker Lai IMG_2750 (Medium) present from mom.  turned out to be about 15-20 books!! IMG_2749 (Medium) High chari from my sister and Ian IMG_2769 (Medium) Way too much stuff!! IMG_2767 (Medium) More stuff

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